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Ray Township Public Library

Bitmoji Christy

Christy DeMeulenaere, Director
Christy has been the director at Ray Library since 2014.  She has a gift, she remembers every person who walks through our doors, what they like to read, and how she can help.  She lives in Ray with her husband and her beautiful daughter, Erin. They have a miniature dachshund, Spencer, and sometimes Spencer wears sweaters. One of her favorite book series is the Chronicles of the One by Nora Roberts. Bring her coffee and you have a loyal friend forever.

Lynn Bitmoji

Lynn Vanslambrouck, Assistant
Lynn is a Ray Library veteran, a staple fixture at the circulation desk.  She's our maven of reporting and keeps us all organized and accountable.  Her favorite book is Shepherding a Child's Heart by Ted Tripp.  Lynn loves to cook and decorate cakes and take trips, big and small, to fulfill her inquisitive sense of adventure.  You may also find her at a museum or out on the links.  She's staying home to stay safe, but she'll be back with us soon!

Bitmoji Mary

Mary Barnes, Assistant
Mary is a homeschooling mother of 4 who loves walking to work at the library.  If the library is open but there are no cars outside, it's her!  Mary really likes to read non-fiction, but one of her favorite books of all time is Nine Stories by JD Salinger.  Mary is enthusiastic about kids and helping them find new ways to learn and grow.  She is a hobby homesteader with over 50 animals, 4 gardens, and even mushroom beds!  Mary does our children's events and social media.

Bitmoji Laura

Laura Kaltz, Clerk
Laura is an AVID reader and her favorite book is The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. Laura can talk books for hours!  Which is why Laura leads our book club!  She is also capable of walking the track at the park and reading at the same time, which is a talent in and of itself.  She is the type of person who would give you the shirt off her back and she has an absolute heart of gold.  If you ever need a book recommendation or craft idea, she's your girl!

Bitmoji Melissa

Melissa Gaffke, Clerk
Melissa is a student at Oakland University majoring in Biology.  Her favorite book is A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.  Melissa is fun and creative, but she's not afraid to give you the side eye if your idea needs work.  She's a cut throat collection weeder with an eye for details and a can do attitude.  She will do literally anything asked of her and do it well.  When Melissa isn't busy in the library or classes, she likes to hike, practice photography, and plunk out a few notes on the piano. 

Bitmoji Alyssa

Alyssa Naniewicz, Clerk
Alyssa is a Linguistics major with a Spanish minor at Oakland Univeristy.  One of her favorite books is Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  Alyssa truly loves to read, sometimes we have to physically remove books from her hands.  If you need a recommendation from our YA section, ask her, she's probably read it!  Alyssa also does a really good job keeping stats.  She is an amazing musician and she plays the violin for OU's Chamber Orchestra.  In her limited free time she also likes to run and take photos.