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Friends of the Ray Township Library and Historical Society
64255 Wolcott Rd
Ray Township, MI 48096

PH:  586-749-7130


President: Terry Goike
Vice-President: Ashley Stabile
Secretary/Treasurer: Michelle Kouri

Email for all Officers:

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The Friends of the Ray Township Library and Historical Society appreciates your interest in our organization and welcomes your questions, comments, and donations.

Our Society consists of a small group of volunteers who give of their time to fulfill the organization’s mission. Our members are willing to assist with genealogical and other questions related to Ray Township. The Society encourages the donations of family trees, photographs, and documents related to Ray Township to improve our archives and better serve those requesting information.

For general questions, not requiring Board approval, emails can be sent to or to a specific Board member as noted above. A response to your email may take one to three weeks. If you do not receive a response in a timely manner, please resend your email or follow up with a letter or phone call.

Currently, the Society meets quarterly. (For exact dates and times, see the Meetings section.) All requests for actions requiring Board approval need to be in writing and sent to the Friends of the Ray Township Library and Historical Society at 64255 Wolcott, Ray Township, MI 48096. Letters should arrive at least two weeks before a scheduled meeting. Please include contact information with all correspondence, including an email address.

The contact phone number for the Society is the number for the Ray Township Public Library. Please leave your contact information with the Library staff and a member of the Society will follow up with you by phone, email, or letter. For matters that require Board approval, a response may take a minimum of three months due to the frequency of the Board meetings.

We appreciate your patience as we support, promote, and preserve the Ray Township Public Library and Ray Township’s history.