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Thank you for checking out our Butterfly Exploration Station!

Your backpack includes:

  • Butterfly Habitat Net
  • Butterfly Catching Net 
  • 4 model figures of the life cycle
  • Resin Set Cabbage Worm Specimen 
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Educataional Life Cycle Spinner
  • Laminated Worksheets & Games
  • Books:  Backyard Bugs Book for Kids, Smithsonian Handbook: Butterflies and Moths, The Life Cycles of Butterflies

Please remember butterflies and caterpillars are living things.  Remember to be very gentle and if you raise or capture any butterflies, moths, or caterpillars to release them when you're done observing.  Have fun!

SciShow - How a Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly

Jack Hartmann - Butterfly Life Cycle Song

National Geographic Time Lapse

Art for Kids Hub - How to Draw a Monarch Butterfly

Click the Image for a workbook of fun activities!

Click here for the answer key!

Click the Image for Printable Sequencing Cards

Click the image for a mystery picture handout.