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Thank you for checking out our Microscopic Investigations Exploration Station!

Your backpack includes:

  • Microscope
  • Digital Camera lens that Connects to your laptop or PC
  • Software for the Camera
  • 48 Prepared Plastic Slides
  • Blank Slides and Coverslips
  • 5 Activity Cards Amazing Microscope Adventures
  • 2 Books - Greg's Microscope & The World of the Microscope


Microscope Tutorial

This video was not produced by Ray Township Library. It is shared from a teacher on YouTube who does a nice job explaining the microscope basics.

Microscope Fun For Kids

Yogurt Experiment

Leaf Stomata Microscope Experiment

Helpful Website links:

How to Make Slides -

Experiment Idea -

Teachers Pay Teachers (to look for your own worksheets and ideas) -

Software Download instructions and link