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School Name: Cascades

District Number: 2, fractional district

Location: Romeo Plank, between 31 & 32 Mile Roads.

Year School Was Built: before 1859

Years of Operation: before 1859 to 1952


Property History: According to plat maps, a school was located on the property of Dr. Neil Gray in 1859. In 1875, Maria Gray owns the property. By 1895, the school was located on property owned by the First National Bank of Romeo. By 1910, the school was located on property owned by George Graham. In the 1920s, the property around the school was to be developed into a resort community, known as the Cascades. The school was moved to the south as the flats where the school stood would be flooded after the construction of the castle-like dam built on Owens Creek (the north branch of the Clinton River). The name was changed from Selleck’s (or Selig’s) School to Cascades School.

Building Architecture:

Current Status: The building was renovated extensively (year unknown) and serves as a private residence.

Former Teachers: 1914 Ida Haber; 1918 Elsie Winter; 1919 Greta Pardon; 1921 Ruth Crawford; 1924 Lillian Brown; 1927-28 Helen MacLeay; 1931 Leona Hosner; Gladys Ebeling; Mrs. Boyd; Mrs. Laura Sischo; 1931-32 Dorothy Duncan; Edna Miller; 1934-35 Betty Schmidt Hamilton; Beulah Clayton; Weta Shott; Eva Durham; 1936-37 and 1939-40 Sarah Sischo Corbin Quinkert; 1945 Weta Shott

Former Students: 1918-1924 Agnes, Albert, Anne, Ernest, Henry, Margaret & Martin Behkle or Bekle; Alice, Dee or Dinsmore, Harold, & Wayne Berry; Clifford, Dean, & Jenn Currie; Beth?, Clara, & Freda Delonge; Eva Domminico; Francis Fink; Eleanor Gilmore; Della Hedrick; Elizabeth, Julia, Lenore, Leona, Russell, Sydney, & Veolra? Heppner; Alvin Kaeding; Clarence, Florence, Nora, & Walter McKay; Gerald & John McMorran; Marion Metz; Alice, Marion, & Martin Miller; George Pardon; Norman Parks; Ida Perry; Elmer Rick; George Rooney; Walter Schroeder; Aaron Smith; Clarence, Elsie, & William Jr Winter; 1927-28 Cheltron; Dennison; Kaeding; LeSoto; 1934 – Earl & Donald Baldwin; Chester Bugatski; Donald Cheltron; George & Jim Crosby; Betty Schmidt Hamilton; Harold Kaeding; Doris McLaughlin; Marvin Metz; Jim Pardon; Elmer, Evelyn, & Roy Rumph; Domenick, Laura, Lewis, & Marian (Dommenick) Schadewald; Ilene & Margaret Stevens; Betty & Robert Warns; Willard Webb, Joe ?; 1940 – Gordon Briggs; Junior & Shirley Dennison; Irene Kappa; Marvin Metz; Martha, Russell, & Theodore Nedemeyer; Norman & Virginia Rumph; Anna Willing; 1945 graduates – Joyce DeBruyn; William Hiller; Charles & Charlotte Koppal; Virginia Rumph

Memorable Moments:

Compiled: May 2010
By: T. Goike, C. Firestine, D. & R. Heldt