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Frog Mountain (Warner)

School Name: Frog Mountain (Warner)

District Number: 8, fractional district

Location: East side Ray Center Road between 27 & 28 Mile Roads

Year School Was Built: before 1859

Years of Operation: Before 1859 to 1953 or 1954


Property History: According to plat maps, school No. 8 was located on the property of R. Warner on the south side of 27 Mile Road at Ray Center Road in 1859. By 1875, the school is located on Ray Center Road between 27 and 28 Mile Roads on the property of W. R. Richards. By 1895, Mary Richard owns the property and by 1910, William C Richards owns the property. In 1916, the Richards family still owned the property.

The Richards property was located next to the Warner, Willey and Warren family properties.

Building Architecture:

Current Status: The building itself has been abandoned and it is in very poor condition.

Former Teachers: 1914 Anita Fuller; 1919 M. Rogers; 1921 Dora M. Maxwell; 1924 Mrs. Fred Heiner; Unknown Years Mrs. Campbell, Lena Parr

Former Students: 1914-1924 Carl, June, Leonard, Lula, & Muriel Batkins; Esther Bauman; Jennie, Henry, Teddie, Theodoria Bardecki; Hattie Brathaski; Glen & Grant Campbell; Edmund Cierl; Alma & Gertrude DeGroff; John, Mary, & Madline Delbury; Arline Dixon; Eleanor, Katherine, Mansly, Victoria, & Viola Dusza; Francis Ellis; Albert Jr & Norman Gocehal or Gorachel; Tomst Griffin; Elizabeth & Willard Kidd; Ethel, Francis, & Gordon Legorette; Adeline, Ben, Daniel, & Lydia Lipczinski; Sebastian & Vita Lipri; Edward & Wanda Lewandesky; Earl Masters; Eleanor, Ella, & Will Maxwell; John McInnis; Eleanor, Glen, & Margaret Peters; Buelah, Esther, Helen, & Lenora Rang; Hazel Richards; Donald, Gladys, & Zola Sagi; Gladys & Marion Schepler; Gladys & Orville Shullelworth; Aletha, Floyd, & Lester Siefert; Harry Smith; Andrew Jr, John, Michael, Theodore, & Wanda Szydik; Clarence, Charles, Florence, George, Irma, & Ruth Thomas; John Velino; Robert Verdler; Aura & Mildres Voerillia; Almond, Clarence, Eva, & Ray Willey; Frank, Helen, Joseph, & Martha Wisniewski; Elsworth, Leslie, Loyd, Russel, Waldo Zuelek

Unknown Date - Cindy Donahue, Lena, Helen (Sherman), Susie, & Thelma (Read) Parr

Memorable Moments: On April 8, 1953, the Frog Mountain School was transferred from School District No. 1 (Romeo) of the Township of Bruce into the School District No. 8 (Warner) in the Township of Ray, due to a school district boundary alteration made by the Macomb County Board of Education.

Compiled: May 2010
By: T. Goike, C. Firestine, D. & R. Heldt